Studio Abhyas
Studio Abhyas is a serene yoga sanctuary in South Delhi, the studio offers a variety of yoga classes, workshops and retreats. No brassy media blitz, no aggressive spiritual posturing, and a determinedly low-profile is the Abhyas creed. The studio attracts diverse professionals, house-wives, senior citizens and children for its general and intensive group yoga sessions. It also offers one-on-one yoga-therapy, Vedic chanting and runs a Yoga Sutra Study Group.

Style of Yoga at Studio Abhyas

According to Sri. Krishnamacharya, yoga involves the working of the body, mind and breath work in tandem. His son and disciple, T.K.V. Desikachar adds that yoga is about the body, breath mind and "something more".

Navtej Johar, the founder of Studio Abhyas, is a student of the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Chennai and is a firm believer in the teachings of Sri. Krishnamacharya and Sri. Desikachar.

Adhering to the body/mind/breath trajectory, the teaching of yoga at Studio Abhyas incorporates asana,pranayama and meditation into a cohesive practice that involves both rigor and mindfulness. Being a dancer, Navtej also emphasizes the element of alignment and the engagement of the extremities in the articulation of the asana. Breathing in asana is a distinct feature of this style, whereby the breath is used both as a gauge and a tool to experience and establish the asana mindfully. Engaging the body/mind, energizing and calming it, offering it repose and an experience of sukha or 'pleasurable comfort' is the goal of practice at Studio Abhyas. We believe in the power of the sukha experience as the transformative agent.  

Classes are taught in small groups so that special attention can be given to each individual; and can vary from being gentle to very challenging.

Meditation: Studio Abhyas also offers classes in meditation based on the teachings of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Using breath as the basic meditative tool, the meditations may range from techniques of developing and refining breath-awareness to meditations based on inquiry, nyasa or mantra

We offer regular workshops and retreats at Studio Abhyas. 

Please note that we do not offer trial classes.